To blog or not to blog…

Before I started this 6 week trip across Europe the thought had occurred that I always journal my trips so why not blog about them for other people to read. My initial thoughts were that Im boring and no one will want to read what I’m writing but were quickly followed by a why wouldn’t they, and who cares if they do. I had a few friends (Annie, I’m talking about you) that also suggested it and I figured it was an easy way for people to know what I’m up to. This will put my mother at ease (I’m sure some of the stuff actually will make her more anxious) and it will give me a place to share my stories since I am travelling alone.

I know some of you are wondering how this all came about.. I decided it was time for a change and I have always wanted to travel around Europe. So as I met with my friend Tiffany and looked at plane tickets it all came together. The timing was perfect, I’m single, I have no bills, and I have no commitments to uphold. The price was right (You may ask how right, and I will tell you $350 right) so a I booked a ticket, quit my job, and promptly popped my tibia out place..

So now you have the background. While I am not a writer, and my grammar will not be the best, I hope you can share in my stories and that they will make you smile and laugh.

Happy reading!



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