Do Widenzia Polska

Or however you say it, because that’s probably not right. I’ve learned about two words in polish and I’m pretty sure I’ve butchered their language in both cases. 
Today is my last day in Poland and I’m excited for my next pit-stop, Croatia. I’m also excited to see a familiar face (I’m a little homesick with everything that happened with my knee). I’m sad to be leaving Poland but I’d be a liar if I said I haven’t been dreaming of the beaches since I stepped off the plane here and instantly started sweating. In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t stopped sweating since. 

Alright, so this post is more of a ‘What has Victoria learned/relearned on her travels thus far’. I also completely wrote this post once, and then it somehow got deleted so this is a second draft.. 😩

1. The language here is crazy. I stopped trying to understand any of it because even the Polish people told me it was pointless because I would never use it again. Nothing sounds anything like how you think it would if you were to read it. Seriously, try using Google translate. Pick any word and then try to say it how you think it would sound and then listen to them say it.. nonsense. And why does everyone talk so damn fast?

2. People in Europe are fashionable.. or at least try to be. This means that I do not fit in. The few days that I wore workout clothes I got the strangest looks from people. Apparently people here don’t workout? Or maybe they’re not used to seeing a girl with muscles (ha-ha, at least I make myself laugh)?

3. Colours aren’t good for sweat. When I was packing I was so frustrated with the fact that my wardrobe was so boring when in fact, it’s just very practical. There’s a reason I wear a lot of black, and that reason is that I sweat (a lot, it’s out of control, but I’m dealing with it..). If you want a good laugh look through my Facebook photos and you will find a few examples from a mission trip to Haiti back in 2012.

4. Confidence is key. Seriously, look like you know what you’re doing and half the battle is over. I navigated the Polish transit system like a boss because I believed I could. On my last bus ride today I didn’t even bother paying, because I’m a totally rebel. I’ve had so many people stop me on the street to try to ask me things because I just blend in and pretend I know where I am even if I’m lost. As a female traveling alone this is an important thing to know how to do, you feel way less vulnerable.

5. Man cannot live by bread alone. Which sucks. It’s so yummy and so cheap and so everywhere. But your insides will start to hate you. And then you will need to find fruit and let nature take its course. This is not to say that you can’t just repeat this cycle, but now you’ve been warned.

I could go on and on about different things but I will spare you. (People stare here, people don’t smile back at you, you have to remember to buy the water without the gas, etc.)

So for now I say farewell to the beautiful country of Poland, but I will be back to hike your mountains and drink your flavoured vodka. 

Pa pa Polska!



4 thoughts on “Do Widenzia Polska

  1. I love reading your blog!!! Definitely admire your honesty, I am sure you are learning so much about yourself and I’m just really excited for you! Keep up the posts.


  2. This one was great. Love reading little point blogs like this. It’s all so very true, and you’re correct, being confident is half the battle. Fact it til you make it seems to be the truest when one travels πŸ˜ƒ


  3. This one is so true. I love reading blogs that give points for what’s going on. Plus your funny antidotes also add to the reading! Fake it til you make it never seems to ring truer than when one travels by themselves. Glad everything is working out!


  4. Haha πŸ˜€ It is so funny, to heard things like this about your language. But, I’m pretty sure, that You’re right. Polish language is difficult even to so many Polish People, so we could forgive You the “do widzenia” πŸ˜€ Kisses from Poland! πŸ™‚ :*


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