Well the last few days have been a whirlwind, I feel like I haven’t had much time to breath (even though I did just take a 30 minute nap and now I’m watching Tiff sleep, in a non creepy way)

I flew into Zagreb no problem, other than getting a full on pat down at security, and awaited the arrival of Ms. Tiffany Williams. In true style she was a bit late coming in but it made it that much more exciting that she didn’t miss her flight. We caught up and headed straight to bed for an early morning. 

When we decided to do this trip we made some general outlines of what we wanted to do but never actually hammered any specific details. It’s been a tag team effort so far.

She booked our first hostel.

I booked our travel and day trip from Zagreb to Zadar.

She booked our bus tickets from Zadar to Split.

I booked our AirBnB.

And so on..

It seems to be working quite well.

Our first stop yesterday was Plitvice lakes, a park that Croatia is well known for. We walked around the park for about 3 hours and saw beautiful waterfall after beautiful waterfall. Of course there was a ton of tourists there but it was still very enjoyable. We then mosied on to Zadar where we checked into another cute hostel. 

Apparently Zadar is the ‘up and coming’ city of Croaita (why, we’re not quite sure). I mean yes, it’s beautiful, but it’s also not that big, and there’s not a ton to see. Needless to say we only spent one night and hit up the most important things.

The ocean organ and the salute to the sun. 

The ocean organ is right along the water and is an incredible mechanism that is built into big steps along the pier. The waves crashing against is create a unique and incredible sound. Now I’m a bit of a skeptic and thought that this was actually going to sound awful, but it was the most intriguing noise and was far from ugly. Mix music, the ocean, and the sun, and I could stay forever. We walked around until the sun was starting to set and then walked back to the pier. With large crowds of People we watched a beautiful sunset and listened to the organ.

The next neat thing about this tiny area of Zadar is that there is the Salute to the Sun, which is a large circle on the ground made up of solar panels. When the sun goes down they all light up with different colours and patterns. Like all the little kids around us, Tiff and I sat down and watched the show (and of course the ridiculous people around us).

That was it, Zadar in 5 hours. 

Cue the 4 hour bus ride to Split which we will call home base for the next few days. We had a lovely makeshift lunch on the bus of bread, cheese, yogurt, and fruit and enjoyed the scenic drive. Well most of it, I feel asleep and Tiff watched a movie. 

And now we’re here, after a bit of a struggle finding our headquarters for the next few days with the help of the very kind locals. People here remind me of Maritimers, always lending a helping hand!

I will leave you with my wise words of wisdom for the day, don’t be afraid to do what you want, people are going to judge, people are going to stare. Tiffany and I made complete fools our ourselves today (refer to latest Instagram post) and we had a complete blast doing it. We will never see these people again so who cares what they think. 

On a side note, if you would like a (semi)live feed of my daily adventures they can be found on my snapchat or Instagram at vohsberg

And tomorrow, we beach. 


Ps, did I mention that traveling with a friend is quite nice after a week of being alone?


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