Wifi Probs

This post was from a few days ago but traveling comes with the perks of not always having great internet. I think my family is even wondering a little bit where I am in the world. 

Now I know why I’ve always wanted to come to this country. The beach has, and always will be, my happy place and Croatia really does have gorgeous beaches and a amazing landscapes. 
When you look at a map, especially since I live in Canada, you just know that Croatia is quite a small country but you don’t realize that the mountains can be be seen from everywhere along the coast which creates a stunning contrast with the ocean. Growing up on PEI I think of islands as being fairly flat with low rolling hills. The islands here are nothing like that, they are also very mountainous and scattered everywhere. One of the girls we met said it well, the water looks like someone put food colouring in it. It’s so clear and has such a large range of amazing blue colours. There really are no words, I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who likes the sun and the sea. 

Two days ago we did a full day trip which started a little earlier than a typical vacation morning should start but was definitely worth it. We hopped out on strange little speed boat that had seats like a banana boat and sped off with our skippers, Lucie and Marko(who definitely wasn’t hard to look at). Our first stop was the blue cave which is a famous cave where the light from the outside of the cave reflects on the sand and creates a cave that has water that is illuminated from below. Look it up, it’s neat. Our next stop was Stiniva Bay on the island of Vis. Yet again, another gorgeous place where a HUGE cave had collapsed and formed a beach. We jumped off the boat and swam through the opening of the for the cave and hung out on the beach for a bit. We had a few more stops which included the green cave (where, as legend says it, we passed through the light and will no longer age, fingers crossed), another beach on an island where a crazy man lives, the ‘pants’ cave, and finally, Hvar. We were getting a little toasty by this point so we grabbed some icecream in the shade, threw our towels over our heads and shoulders and hiked up to the forstress to get a good view of the town! One stunning view after another. 

We hopped on our boat for our final ride back and set off. The water was a bit more rough this time around but we made it back with no casualties. We said our farewells to our new American friends and Lucie and Marko(I will be find him again) and went back to our Air BnB for a relaxed and early night. We seem to get lost every time we try to get back to our apartment but we have two landmarks which we saw for the final time, the Blueberry Somersby stand and a giant angry statue man (reminder to google him and see who he is and why he gets an angry statue)

Our final day in split we got to spend with our new Argentinian couchsurfer friends Pablo and Mariano who were a total hoot. They had this lovely flat just outside of the city so we hopped on the bus (which we didn’t pay for, who am I becoming) and walked in the blistering heat to be welcomed to some AC and water. We made a which, but large, trip to the grocery store to get some stuff for the day and Mariano was finally waking up when we returned.. at 2:30pm. We headed out to the beach for a few hours and entertained ourselves with our Blueberry Somersby (which I’m sure there is a picture of us in promo material somewhere now) and watching people fly off a ‘blob’ into the water. After that novelty wore off we hijacked some beach chairs from a beach bar that was still under construction and sat until the sun went behind the clouds. We all took a turn riding Mariano’s bike on the way home and then started our dinner prep. Nothing Iike having supper at 10 o’clock at night. After chatting for a bit we passed out on the pull out sofa to be woken way to early, yet again. 

Mariano was still awake, surprise surprise, so he called us a cab and we headed out to the port to attempt to catch a ferry. We were in luck and the taxi driver dropped us right at the ticket booth, we snagged two tickets, and now we’re off to Dubrovnik to explore a new city and find some new beaches!


One thought on “Wifi Probs

  1. I love reading about your adventures! And I laugh every time I hear about you not paying for something LOL. Have SO much fun!!! So glad you started your blog, so I can vicariously live out my summer through you 🙂


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