Alone again

Tiffany tired me out.

We made it to Dubrovnik, and had a wonderful stay, but every night I thought ‘I should blog’ and I would just somehow end up on the bed and my eyes would somehow close..

We stayed in the cutest Air BnB which could be my apartment at home (when I finally move out of my parents house). It was a little bit out of the city but an easy hop on the bus and we were in the city in 20minutes and our host was very sweet and drove us a few places if we needed. This worked out perfectly because we avoided all the heat and people and loudness of the city centre and we couldn’t mess it up as we were the very last stop on the route. Yes Annie, we tried to cheat the bus system here too but they were too efficient and it wasn’t possible.

Dubrovnik was.. well people say a trip to Croatia isn’t complete without stopping in Dubrovnik, I’m gonna disagree with that. It was beautiful, and unique, and small, but it was also WAY overcrowded and WAY too hot (and not the cheapest). We spent one evening walking around the old city and then the rest of our time was spent at some unique little beaches and out on the ocean on a kayaking tour.

We laughed, we saw naked people on the nude beach, we jumped off cliffs (okay, only I did. And my better judgement won so it was small so as to not injure my knee again), we ate weird homemade food to celebrate our birthdays, and we had a good time. Tiff and I make pretty good travel buddies.

Sadly our time has come to an end together and she has to go back to real life (just kidding, she’s in London, and her life is a dream anyway) and I am once again #soloandsingle.

I am now in the beautiful country of Montengero where my first pit stop was Kotor. I booked two nights in a hostel and promptly saw the whole city in 2 hours. This actually worked out well as I needed some decompression time. Spending my days on the beach is really stressful so sometimes I need time to recover.

The last two days have been the non-glamorous side of traveling that no one ever hears about. I met two lovely sisters from Mexico in my hostel so we spent some time together walking around and then spent a significant part of the day at the kitchen table of our hostel planning our routes and next legs of the journey. Booking hostels, researching train and bus routes, reading lots of reviews, tedious stuff. I got caught up on some tv as well and was just overall very lazy.

I made up for it this morning by getting up and walking up roughly 1350 steps to the top of a fortress that surrounds Kotor. I find great pleasure in getting up before ‘the city wakes’ and seeing the old buildings and streets without anyone in them. It makes for perfect photos and it’s very peaceful. So I woke up at 6am and headed out the door and up the fortress. It felt nice to do something active again, I think my body had been craving it with all the bread I’ve been eating. This early morning adventure also saved me the 3 euro entrance fee and it meant I had the whole place to myself. I’m pretty sure it was already 28 degrees when I started my ascent. As Alyson has asked me, do you ever wear a shirt anymore? My answer is no, it’s bikini top, sports bra, or bust (not literally, although I still have a lot of beach days ahead of me). The weather is too hot here to be comfortable in anything so I’m taking the minimalist approach.

After the hike I packed my bag and hopped on a bus to Budva. I somehow managed to snag a single room, which has it benefits and its downfalls and I will set out to explore the city once the sun has gone down a bit. This country is just as pretty as Croatia and around every turn I am struck by the beauty of the mountains and the clear blue sea. It’s sometimes hard to believe that I actually took the leap and am doing this trip but I am so thankful than I can and that I am!



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