How much feta can I fit in my suitcase?

Keeping a blog is apparently more work than I thought it would be. My days have been full and I’ve just been falling into bed at the end of the day, sorry for the lack of updates!

Greece has been incredible! And also very romantic (note to self, don’t come here alone next time. Diego, where are you?)

I started off my time on the island of Santorni and stayed in a cute little town called Perissa. I was sad at first to be away from the main cities but this ended up working out perfectly (and gave me an extra excuse to rent a four wheeler and rip around the island). I had booked all of my nights accommodations separately because HostelWorld is annoying and this meant that I had to also switch rooms every night I was there. I really wanted to just take the hostels books and figure it all out myself. Im not sure why they couldn’t just move some stuff around and keep me in the same place, but it’s in the past! Although this was very frustrating it also meant I got to meet a few more people. I took a spur of the moment day trip with some Brazilian girls and I rented four wheelers with two Aussies which made for some excellent adventures.

One adventure included riding a donkey up the side of a mountain. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes. Mom told me not to do high risk activities, who knew this was one of them. Sophie was a little crazy and really wanted to be in the front of the pack which made for some stumbling around and slipping of hooves the whole way up. The guide had to yell at her constantly. I’m happy to say that I came out on the other side with only a few scratches on my feet and a huge adrenaline rush.

I also toughed it out and did the tourist thing and sat for 2.5 hours to watch the sunset in Oia. I had the perfect spot , I don’t think there was actually a better one. I was tucked in a slight corner so people weren’t all around me getting all up in my business. I was also upwind so no second hand smoke for me (this is a HUGE win). And my legs were dangling off a slight cliff so no danger of anyone popping up to block my view at the last minute. There’s something special about gathering together with a huge group of people and watching nature do its thing. Something that happens everyday, but everyone just stops to admire, and then clap when the sun finally sinks below the horizon. Gave me the chills.

Cruising down the road on my four wheeler at night with the wind in my hair after watching that, I was truly happy. Life is good.

And then I went to Paros.

I could move to Paros. It’s adorable, and much less touristy than Santorini. Exactly how I pictured Greece. Small, quiet, untouched streets of white walls and blue doors. And the whole island was like this. And finally, sandy beaches. I could’ve swore I was back in Mexico with the clear blue water. Minus the wind. Man it’s windy here, to the point of it feeling like you’re getting an unwanted tattoo all over your body when the wind blows the sand all around.

I think I would take that over the heat in Athens though. I arrived yesterday and it was a balmy 38 degrees, with little to no wind.

I managed to get out and explore the city today amidst the beads of sweat dripping down my lower back (have I mentioned that that is a feeling I absolutely cannot stand). The Acropolis was amazing, as well as some other little gems that I found (Temple of Zues, Olympic Stadium, National Gardens, and Aeropagus Hill – Where Paul preached his sermon in Acts about the ‘unknown God’). To try to imagine what life was like in those times and how all the stunning architecture was built by hand is just crazy. I struggle to make myself a good breakfast most mornings.

And now I sit, and wait. Until 3:30am when a cab comes to pick me up and drive me to the airport.


One thought on “How much feta can I fit in my suitcase?

  1. Loved the sunset in Oia, glad the donkey didn’t buck you off. Stow some feta in your suitcase for me. Also the Greek yogurt just tastes better in Greece 😃


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