18 hours in the UK

I’ve been home for just over a week and I gotta say, I’ve been pretty lazy in getting this post together. Motivation is low when you’re running around with tiny people all day and your whole family goes to bed at 10pm.

The end of my trip was delightful.

I instantly felt 2000x better when I landed in Glasgow and was welcomed by rain and a staggering 15 degrees. The heat had really taken its toll on me (and I was so fed up with the beach, didn’t know that was possible) so it was nice to not have constantly slightly sticky skin and to actually put capris on (yes Tiff, I had to wear a shirt).

I got to my hostel at 3pm which meant I had approximately 7 hours to wander around. Googlemaps has been my saving grace, turn on my phone location and it will guide me all around the city and safely back to my hostel. I wandered around to find the Necropolis and some old city buildings. I loved coming around every corner and seeing all the old architecture mixed in with the modern storefronts, there’s definitely something familiar about it all.

I was really hoping to try out some local cuisine while I was there but opted to stick with a traditional burger in order to avoid any mishaps that my stomach may encounter on my 6 hour flight the next day.

Only having a few hours in Glasgow I only caught a small glimpse of what this country had to offer and it definitely left me intrigued.

Scotland, I will be back (when I have a bit more money because its WAY too expensive for this cheap girl)



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