Home Sweet Home

The thing that no one ever talks about with travel is returning home. Sure, we all talk about the wanderlust we get about a week after we’ve been home, the desire that creeps back fairly quickly to get away from the norm and take another trip. I am a strong believer that I will never lose this feeling. Once you’ve had a taste, your heart is no longer happy in one place, it yearns to explore this beautiful world.

Its a weird adjustment, and this was definitely the weirdest (as its been my longest trip). Everything is exactly the same but it somehow feels like its all changed. I opened up my laptop which I hadn’t used in 7 weeks and had totally forgotten how to type. I got in my car and driving felt very foreign (don’t worry, it all came back very quickly!). But the strangest thing was looking at my closet and all my belongings and realizing that I had all this ‘stuff’ to use, I was no longer solely relying on what I had carried around in my backpack with me.

To say the least, this was very overwhelming. I had the sudden urge to get rid of a ton or my stuff, it was excessive, I didn’t need any of it.

And that’s the thing, we don’t need half of the stuff we own, or even use it for that matter.

Coming back to Canada is always overwhelming because of how crazy blessed we are to live where we do and have access to everything we could possibly want. And I think this may be the hardest part of it. You been exploring parts of the world where they have so little and can still have such joy and return home to a place where we have everything we could possibly want but are never satisfied. These experiences have changed you as a person and you somehow have to adapt and integrate this new version of yourself back to your own little world.

So I challenge you, look around your house or room, is there something that you never use that someone else could really benefit from? Why not donate it to a local charity. I’ll tell you, decluttering your life a little bit feels amazing.

Until next time





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