Keep on rolling

While my posts may be fewer and more sporadic I am excited to keep this blog going and to kick it off with a big announcement (that most of you probably already know).

I now work for WestJet!

I’m super thrilled about this opportunity and cant wait to see where it leads me (both in the career aspect of my life and in the physical world!).

I’ve gotta say, adjusting back to life has been really hard after I came back from Europe so I am excited to get into a job and have some sort of a routine again. I also just signed up (well my dad did, and I’m going to mooch) for the gym again and can’t wait to get back into my fitness.

I spent most of August in NB with my family which was awesome (and a little noisy). We’re spread out a bit across the country so I always look forward to  our summer vacation and getting to relax and see each other.

I then hopped over to my old stomping grounds , PEI, and got to spend some time with my second family and celebrate my best friends engagement! I also snuck some chocolate covered potato chips home with me (everybody’s got a guilty pleasure)

After that I caught up with some friends at home and then headed out to Vancouver for job training. I met some amazing ladies while I was out there and got to see a bit of Van City but it definitely left me with thirst for some more BC exploring. Those mountains though.

I’m so excited to be home again but not so excited to get up at 4am to go to work. Hey, every job can’t be perfect.

That’s it for now, but keep your eyes open for some new adventures coming your way in the not too distant future!



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