The ‘Next’

Its been a while.

And I’ve finally got the travel bug back. It took a little while longer this time around, probably because I was settling into a new routine (although is it really ever a routine when you have to get up at 2am for work?).

As I finally finished up my photo book from my Europe trip and once again watched my homemade video the urge sprung up inside of me.

It seems every free minute i’ve had lately has been spent looking at my work schedule and figuring out if there’s anywhere in the world I could possibly go for a few days and on the cheap.

Enter Mexico. The only country that I’ve visited more than once. I usually have a rule that once I’ve visited a place I wont go back, due to the fact that the world is so large, and I want to explore all of it. But I fell in love with this country. So with Krista in tow, we headed down for a girls weekend (which was, by the way, 6 years overdue).


A quick weekend of beach volleyball, mojitos, and fending off Spaniards and Mexican men and we landed back in Halifax, slightly burnt, and still longing for the beach and hot sun.

So what does it all mean? The hardest question of all.

Our society is so driven by careers, and meeting the right person, and having a family, and that elusive  ‘next step’ that it’s sometimes hard to go off and make your own path, figure out where your puzzle piece fits in in the chaos. And regardless of what that is people will always question you, and give their input, and tell you that you’re crazy.

Ask me on any given day and I will tell you that I am struggling with the desire to settle down and have a family, and the opposite desire to be alone, and travel the world, and see the beauty(and pain) that surrounds us.

It’s a constant battle that I fight. And I know I’m not alone on this one. And I think the key is to find a balance, and really dig deep within to figure out what it is that you want, regardless of what the most important people in your life tell you (but you should still listen to their safety advice, because after all, they do love you).

This has been a HUGE year for me. Quitting my job, traveling Europe alone, coming home to no income, getting a new job (which I love!), buying a car, moving out of my parents house, and much much more. Have any of these choices been easy? Have I been totally comfortable with any of this? NO, it all scared the crap out of me!

But, was it worth it? Heck yes.

With all that, I say be true to yourself. I’m working on setting some short and long term goals to help me out in this process. Career   Travel   Health/Fitness 

Oh and also, I’m learning Spanish!

Buenos noches mis amigos






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