Exploring my own country

While Canada is expensive to travel in, I now have the unique opportunity to do it on the cheap. The cheap flights are paired up with the free National Park Pass that I have because our lovely country is turning 150 this year! I call that a win.

So off to Calgary I went, to visit my sister and her family. We were a pretty lazy bunch but I finally made it out to the mountains again.

The first adventure of the trip was riding in the cockpit of my plane from Toronto to Calgary. While this had been a bucket list item it would’ve been nicer if it had have been a little shorter. Picture 4.5 hours not being able to move your legs from a 90 degree position and sitting against a rather flat backed seat. Pretty neat non the less – the pilots were awesome in explaining everything that was happening and I made sure to keep my mouth shut until we reached altitude. It was a bit of a bumpy ride and this made landing only slightly terrifying (I also had not been warned that there would be a loud siren type noise, and then a loud voice counting down the feet as we came in for landing, which was a little unnerving).

2017-01-19 18.54.40-2.jpg

The next day I set out for a nice little hike to Johnstons Canyon outside of Banff with my friend Kirsten. Being someone that’s heavily affected by the weather and winter its nice to actually be able to get outside and enjoy the scenery. It was more of a walk, and less of a hike, but it ended with some amazing frozen waterfalls and watching some ice-climbers do their thing. We strayed off the path a bit and hopped over the barriers to walk out on the frozen rivers where they were climbing and then called it a day by enjoying some burgers (I opted to try out Bison).


I spent the next day at the Zoo with my nephew where we watched the penguin walk and plunge, took a ride on the carousel, and checked out the lions. I caught up with my Aunt and Uncle for dinner and had an overall lovely time out west.

After a quick redeye flight back to the east coast I hopped into bed and logged another vacation in the books.

Until next time,




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