The Land of Make Belize

Somebody had to say it right?

And another somebody had to buy a shirt that says it on it..

After unexpectedly stumbling across the media cameras and the Prime Minister of Belize while arriving at the airport, I was not too taken with this country that seemed to want to rip me off because I was a woman traveling alone. After a simple misunderstanding and then a life story/motivational speech about not wasting your life on meaningless things from my taxi driver I arrived in Belize City. I was more than ready to get on a water taxi and get to the quaint and quiet island of Caye Caulker which I would make my home for the next 4 days.

One day I would love to go back and explore the inner parts of this country but this short trip had the sole intention of relaxation, and that’s exactly what would happen.

20180210_093421-01The hostel directions stated “as you get off the water taxi head through the basketball court and make a left”. While I thought this was funny it ended up being very accurate. This basketball court would become a great landmark for directions, a great local gathering spot in the evening after the sun had gone down, and also a permanent location for cheap cheap delicious street food.

I had heard mixed things about costs of traveling in Belize – and while Caye Caulker is an island and most things need to be brought in by boat – it was still pretty cheap. So if budget is what you are looking for – it is very do-able.

I stayed at a great little hostel out of the ‘busy part of town’  – spent some fun days with Australians, Brits, Canadians, and of course, the locals. Say what you will about hostels but you meet the best people and you can’t beat $14/night. One of these days I will have to write a more detailed blog post about how I can afford to travel so much since everyone always seems to ask!

This island stole my heart as soon as I stepped on to the sand roads filled with nothing but bicycles, golf carts, and people using their two good feet and a heartbeat. A quiet little place where you could walk anywhere you wanted in 20 minutes or less.



I spent the mornings sitting at Margarita Mikes before it opened as it had lovely swings that looked out on the ocean (Although there weren’t many places where this didn’t apply). Don’t worry Mom – at 9am I was only SITTING at this establishment with my own  fruit cup and bagel. This also happened to be next to the popular Ice and Beans Coffee Shop and proved and ideal location for people watching, one of my favorite past-times.

The rest of the day was spent applying sunscreen and finding spots to read my book while getting a bit of sun and chatting with whomever was around. This was mixed in with eating random street food and drifting off for afternoon naps in hammocks – sounds pretty perfect right? Play this story on repeat for 4 days and you get a very relaxing vacation.

While it was mostly relaxing I did spend a very full day out snorkeling around different parts of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the Barrier Reef. Snorkeling with all sorts of fun little critters (sharks, turtles, stingrays, sea horses) and feeding Tarpons and Seagulls some other, less fortunate, fish right from our hands.

And just like the days, the evenings were very similar – very chill. After all, the countries motto is go slow in which I fully embraced. They were spent drinking local beer and meeting locals and tourists alike while checking out the only sports bar on the island but never quite making it to the jam packed Reggae Bar.

What a perfect little oasis.

Belize marks Country #25 on a list that will not stop growing anytime soon.








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