Hmm what to say..

Im youre average girl when I’m at home, going to bed at 7pm… okay, I work really early in the morning so I keep weird hours.

I go to work, I go to the gym, I eat way too much food, and I repeat. The grind is hard so that I can take some kind of vacation every 6 weeks (I get my work schedule in 6 week chunks)

Im blessed to be working for WestJet which funds my travels (kind of), and when I’m not out traveling around, I live vicariously through my coworkers and the hundreds of people I see everyday at work!

My goals: To spend time with my growing family, and to see the entire world asap.

My passion for travel started when I was 16 and went on a mission trip to Europe, my first taste of the world and I haven’t looked back since.

In 2010 I made it a life mantra to travel somewhere new every year and so far my track record is 100%. Starting with more comfortable things like all inclusive resorts, and guided tours, and mission trips and slowly branching out to the more unfamiliar (the best kind of travelling).

In 2016 I quit my job and took my first solo trip, and boy was it scary, and amazing, and eye opening, and it sure didn’t help with the travel bug. But then I got a job with an airline and life was good again, and the journeys continued.

This blog was started so my friends and family could keep track of me and also a fun journal to read back on my various trips. When that trip finished I decided to keep the blog rolling and keep telling my stories.

So enjoy a few of my life stories!

And I hope the words can make you laugh, and smile, and encourage you to do your own exploring.